"GOD has not called me to be successful. He called me to be Faithful… Never forget or neglect anyone because nobody knows what's coming tomorrow. You will know their value when you can't meet them once again in the lifetime." Mother Teresa "The more society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it…. If you loved someone, you loved him, and when you had nothing else to give, you still gave him love." George Orwell

To…..A. Pushkin

To. . . 

I recall the wondrous chance:
there before me I saw you
such a brief and a passing glance,
such beauty, brilliant and true.

In the clutches of hopeless despair,
in the worries of life’s hurried storm,
for long I heard a voice so fair
and dreamt of a lovely form.

Years passed. A rebellious tempest’s blare.
scattered all former dreams.
And I forgot your voice so fair,
Your form born of heavenly schemes.

In solitude, in gloomy desolation.
Quietly my days dragged along,
without God and without inspiration,
without tears, without life, without love.

To my soul came an urge to dance:
and there again I saw you…
Such a brief and a passing glance,
such beauty, brilliant and true.

And my heart beat in adulation.
And to it came the rebirth of
God, and divine inspiration
And life, and tears, and love.

Alexander Sergeivich Pushkin

John Dougherty.


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