"GOD has not called me to be successful. He called me to be Faithful… Never forget or neglect anyone because nobody knows what's coming tomorrow. You will know their value when you can't meet them once again in the lifetime." Mother Teresa "The more society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it…. If you loved someone, you loved him, and when you had nothing else to give, you still gave him love." George Orwell

Anonymous On a Dating Site?

We need to educate people using the Internet is vast and urgent.

Huge amount of people -single and married, Anonymous, open accounts on different dating sites.

I think just now a few will ask if that is possible or why.


“Torture Females-Anonymous”, “Unusual Desires(again Anonymous)”, “Daddy and daughter having sex-Anonymous” etc…I have been on some of the dating sites in the UK. Even more…We both-me and my husband created a site about scammers, scam e-mails and scam victims because Internet Love scams to try to fight back.

Maybe some of you(Anonymous?) now will say…”Shut up…I met my husband (wife) on the Internet”.
Old people say:” Tell me about your dreams and I will tell you how far you will go….”. Nowadays you can “meet” on a Dating site 2 or even 3 different generations. Sometimes I used to talk with men who were 64-68 years old. A friend of mine who works in a Large Hospital even mentioned that they have 68 year old men asking for “Viagra”. Why not? Lots of people will ask…Here I must stop…no comment….

People say life starts at 40 because hopefully, by the age of 40 we have learned and matured enough to really enjoy life, without repeating mistakes and with the knowledge of our years…At 40 you are willing to go after your Fantasies because … Any woman has Fantasies ( sorry,I have more than one…)

Now I want to share with you one true story, it came from a good friend of mine: She was on a dating site. On dating sites you can meet sometimes ( maybe pretty often) married women asking men to have an experience with a Gang-bang. And their husbands even don’t realize anything about their needs. Let me continue with my true story about……. “Cyber Rape Fantasy(Anonymous)”. She was on a dating site and when she scrolled through the list of rooms , suddenly she saw the name “Fantasy”. In the beginning even she didn’t have any clue what was that about. It took her only 1-2 minutes to realize …On the screen there were 4 men playing with a woman (only in the very beginning). After a while a cyber gang rape took a place and for her surprise the woman was encouraging them.

I would give the names of the men but these things never get mentioned.They would love to stay Anonymous.


Given the number of actual rapes(Anonymous) that are committed in our society, this online behavior obviously mimics real life. Clearly, “virtual rape between Anonymous” is not the same as the rape a woman experiences in the physical world, but many women seem to want it. But something as yet unnameable is going on in chat rooms where an erotic scenario can shift to a gang bang with a few keystrokes from an observing male who jumps in.

Women on the receiving end of this graphic sexual violence on the Net have indeed reported being traumatized by the experience. While many may turn off their computers or leave a chat room if they feel attacked, they often have trouble shaking the memory that a stranger at a far-off computer terminal wanted to hurt them.


Because the Internet is used by “Anonymous” a lot every day and it’s much easier to be anonymous, it remains to be seen how such violent role-playing will affect our sexual relationships and our larger goals of ensuring male respect for women and ‘vice verse’. The question is, are we desensitizing people about how they can relate to each other, rather than helping them move toward more compassionate relationships? Given that more and more women are going online, the prevalence of graphic depictions of sexual violence will bring pornography into an increasing number of peoples lives.

But I would ask, maybe this isn’t an actual crime in the traditional sense be it real or cyber, but is it acceptable behavior in today’s modern society? Should we exercise our right to walk away or should we expect better from others? I know that my friend found it at first interesting but when she had time to sit back and think she came to realize that it can be only a short step from cyber to reality.

I do not think that is my final word. I do not expect everybody to agree with me.

I expect the final word to be only yours…..


Anonymous on a Dating Site?


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